Thursday, April 16, 2009

What's growing in the garden...

April's a busy time in the garden - planning wise. Everything looks nice and neat and under control. A lot of goodies are sprouting in the greenhouse and being hardened off in anticipation of May planting dates. We're trying to enjoy this feeling of neatness because we know that before too long, we'll have more things growing than we will know what to do with. Two weeks ago, we had our Tuesday volunteers help us get all our potatoes in the ground. We planted about eight different varieties, including my favorite, fingerlings.

Our peas went in right around St. Patrick's Day. We were a little concerned when some time went by and we weren't seeing much germination, but with all this rain and cool weather lately, our peas are really coming to life now.

We put these peas in a raised wooden bed that we have near the entrance of the garden. Below is the main pea area, just waiting for them to get big enough to start trellising. Notice our sweet view of the Capitol Columns in the background!

Asparagus is another one of my favorites (warning: I'm going to say this about pretty much everything). They're just so exciting because they're the first harvest of the season. Ours taste so sweet that we are all constantly picking a few raw and munching on them for snacks throughout the day. We're even getting creative by making asparagus wraps: asparagus and chives wrapped in sorrel!

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