Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 2 of Garden Science classes in the Youth Garden

Marking the end of Garden Science program for this year, our third and fourth grade Garden Science classrooms from E.W. Stokes, Center City Trinidad, and Webb/Wheatley came out to the Youth Garden for the second and final time. Fortunately, the students brought beautiful weather out with them to the garden!

We began our morning with a walk through the Arboretum's Asia Valley down to the Anacostia River. We observed the river, and the students made insightful observations about how pollution and human impacts affect the river and its ecosystem. We discussed watersheds, discovered what watershed we live in, and made our own paper watershed models. Back at the garden, the students came up with many different ways we could help keep our watershed healthy. For example, the students suggested things such as recycling, not using chemicals, making organic soap, and putting filters in storm drains to catch garbage before it reaches the river.

After a snack of apples and honey, in the afternoon the students used the knowledge they learned in the classroom to plant in the garden. E.W. Stokes planted head lettuce, cutting lettuce, and swiss chard. Center City planted carrots, beets, and bok choy (one variety is called joy choy!). Their hard work is paying off, as the plants are starting to poke up through the soil in the garden.

We were sad to see our Garden Science program come to an end, but we hope to have many visits from our Garden Science students out at the Youth Garden throughout the summer!

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