Friday, June 5, 2009

Planting in the youth garden, planting at home

So far, the gardening activities in our Growing Food ... Growing Together program have consisted of planting, planting, and more planting. We are hurriedly trying to get in everything in the ground despite all this rain that threatens to wash away our seeds. So last week, we did more planting: both direct seeding (above pictures) and transplanting (below picture).

We had another special guest at the youth garden last week: Fannie Hamilton, DC gardening extraordinaire. Fannie talked to us about container gardening, a common tactic urban gardeners turn to when they don't have access to space.

Above: Fannie shows us one of her tomato plants. Below: Showing us how to plant in a hanging bag. Fannie also brought tons of pictures of her garden and display boards with information about gardening in the DC region, which are propped up against the deer fence.

Fannie is also an expert on herbs. She brought an array of different herb plants with her that the children enjoyed touching, smelling, and trying to identify.

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