Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a trip back in time...

Our Seed to Supper youth campers recently went back in time to see what life was like on a colonial farm in 1775. We visited the Accokeek Foundation, a conserved national park located in Maryland, right across from Mount Vernon.

On our tour of Accokeek's colonial farm, we met costumed interpreters who told us about living conditions at the time and showed us around a replica farmhouse. We also got to help out with some farm chores like brushing sheared wool. Seeing the house's vegetable garden was nothing knew since we have our own garden, but getting to meet and learn about all the farm animals was a new experience for most of us.

Next time we get tired in the youth garden, we're going to think back to the 1775 colonial farm - we do have to do some weeding, but at least we don't have to gather all of our water from the river or muck out animal stalls!

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