Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Summer in full swing

This year is our first season participating in the Mayor's Green Summer Job Corp program, which is administered by the District Department of the Environment. We serve as a host site to employ twelve local fourteen and fifteen year olds to work in our garden.

In addition to the much needed help weeding, mulching, and harvesting, it's been great fun having a consistent group of youth out in the garden everyday. We've had lessons on compost, plant science, nutrition, and insects. We've also gotten to harvest, cook, and best of all, eat together!

To get out in the community, we've been going to our Garden Science school sites to maintain those gardens we installed in the spring once a week. We've also taken trips to the USDA People's Garden and the Franciscan Monastery for a presentation on beehives. Check back for blog posts and recipes from our youth workers and more photos.

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