Thursday, April 1, 2010

For Families!

For the last eight years, the Washington Youth Garden has hosted a gaggle of families every Saturday morning from early spring until the end of the summer. The program, called Growing Food…Growing Together, brings twenty five to thirty families together to grow and prepare their own organic food. Each week, families work together to tend our communal vegetable area, herb garden, and fruit section. We see community build over the weeks as we all bend down to weed the row of peas or transplant tomato seedlings together.

In addition to gardening, guest presenters – from nutritionists and chefs to beekeepers and agricultural historians – fill in the dots that connect our health, environment, and communities. Throughout the course of the summer, families also participate in a local farmer’s market to sell some of the summer bounty.

At the end of the morning, we gather up the harvested produce and divide it up among the program participants CSA-style. A major focus of this program is on providing access to fresh healthy food, as well as learning how to grow and prepare it.

This program is intended for first-time gardening families who are seeking to gain healthy living skills. Prospective participants should fill out a family questionnaire. If you can help spread the word about this program, download a flyer.

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