Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest chefs: Poste Brasserie, Ed Bruske, and Tesia Love

Jeremy, a chef at Poste Modern Brasserie, cooks up some fresh vegetables from the garden with our Garden Science students. Volunteers from the restaurant join us every Tuesday at the youth garden. They are a huge help with our ever-increasing load of garden maintenance. And in turn, they get to learn about local food and the growing process.

Local healthy school food crusader Ed Bruske joined us for a cooking demonstration as well. Ed instructed the students in making wilted spinach, which they loved! Ed wrote about his visit and posted pictures on the Better DC School Food blog.

Local food blogger and healthy food advocate Tesia Love also came out to cook some garden vegetables for our Garden Science students. Tesia came out twice and made a couple of delicious dishes - pasta with veggies, a spinach dish, and mint tea. More pictures and Tesia' write up of the day are at her blog, Flavor Diva.

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