Friday, August 28, 2009

new additions to the garden: veggie art!

This summer, we had two amazing interns: Nadia Mercer and Lindsay Sumner. Although Nadia was focused on the garden and Sumner on education, the two decided to work together to create a joint project over the course of the nine weeks they were with us this season. The result of this collaboration is these giant vegetable and bug cutouts you see below.
We wanted more art out in the garden to make the place feel warm and welcoming. Art is also a way to celebrate your surroundings and share this feeling with others. As well as looking so fun out in the garden, these giant cutouts also tell information about the vegetable or insect they represent: informational sheets are attached that include the plant's scientific name, plant family, where it is native to, and a fun fact.

The children in our summer camp program, Seed to Supper, even got to help Nadia and Sumner paint these cutouts (after they used a band saw to cut out the shapes from wood - talented people, huh?).

Thank you, Nadia and Sumner, for helping to make the youth garden and our programs better and better. And for sharing your summer with us! We will miss you.

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