Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Friend & Family Day-o-Fun

From faces painted with carrots in tutus to outdoor marimbas to glass-paned honeybee hives, our 2nd annual summer festival was definitely fun and more than educational. Folks braved the heat, met new neighbors, tasted & toured the garden. Here are a few of our favorite memories.

A big shout out goes to all the folks who helped make this event possible!

Here's to our wonderful volunteers: Toni Burnham, Emily Roberts, Sarah Murphy, Ej Truax, Jennifer Jefferson, Vernice Woodland, Lois Jackson, Laura Genello, Lianna Fensky, Emily McCartan, Katie Aldworth, and our musicians Katherine, Micah and crew.

Thanks to the local organizations for their generous food donations: Glut Food Co-op, Honest Tea, Mom's Organic Market, Tryst, Whole Foods, Yes! Organic Market

And last but not least, we're grateful to our partners who came out to show their support: Safiya Samaan and Viki Arthur of the USDA Forest Service, Mary Farah and Sandy Farber of UDC, Mark Haskel, Lola Bloom and Mia Ballard of City Blossoms, Bea Trickett of the Neighborhood Farm Initiative, Gilda Allen of DDOE, and Terry McFarlen.

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